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Currently Accepting Submissions

Thank you for your interest in writing for Holy Leisure in Hard Places

Trials and hardship have a way of refining us, and strengthening our hope and trust in the Lord. However, when we’re in the midst of struggles, we can often feel alone, and like no one else could possibly understand what we’re going through.

The purpose of Holy Leisure in Hard Places is to create a body of stories of people who’ve gone through difficult circumstances and have found Jesus to be sufficient through it all.

Holy Leisure is just a fancy way of saying you enjoy being in the presence of God through hisWord, and in the presence of his people.

We may come out of our trial walking with a limp, but we’ve also come out more reliant and more in love with the Lord. (This is a work of grace, is it not?!)

Do you have a story to share about how you found comfort from the Lord and his word, even during your darkest hours? Was he real, near, and close to you, when you needed him most?

Below are the submission guidelines to help you craft your piece for consideration:

  1. Your story is powerful, and we all love to learn from other people’s stories. The objective of these posts are to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to make him more glorious and attractive, and remind others that he is near to the brokenhearted. He should be the STAR of your story, you should be a supporting actor/actress.
  2. If you were sitting down with a friend going through what you’ve gone through, what would you say? Share your mistakes as well as your successes. Even if you are an expert, be relatable, and offer yourself as a fellow-sufferer or a fellow-encourager, a human being who’s learned through mistakes and God’s grace.
  3. Bonus points for weaving the theme of holy leisure into your piece. 🙂
  4. Write in first person.
  5. 700-1000 word count is preferred.
  6. Please include a bulleted list of takeaway lessons you’d offer to someone else within your piece (See this piece as an example).
  7. Please include at least 2 proposed title options, a short bio written in third person, a headshot, and any links to your work or socials you’d like me to share.
  8. Only submissions emailed as a Word doc will be considered.
  9. If published, please share the article on your networks (email, social, etc…).
  10. Please email your submission to [email protected].

All submissions will be prayerfully considered.

I’m excited to hear about how you found God to be most enjoyable, even in your hardest places.

I reserve the right to make minor edits, formatting changes (to be consistent with my style) and optimize the title and subheadings for SEO purposes.