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Paths of the Righteous E-book FREE Download

Paths of the Righteous, Psalm 23 in the Lives of Missionaries & Witnesses for Christ looks at the lives of six imperfect but faithful Christians and how they experienced the rest, protection, provision, comfort, and hope found in the most famous Psalm…23.

The dark valleys and shadows they went through may shed light on what you may be walking through. Find encouragement and hope in the perfect care of your Good Shepherd, in Paths of the Righteous.

Inside you’ll learn how…

A disabling fall threatened to undo Amy Carmichael’s ministry. She learned being made to lie down to rest, gave her plenty of time to expand her writing ministry.

Amy Carmichael, He Makes Me Lie Down

The grandfather of global missions, Hudson Taylor, experienced the life-changing results of learning to rest in the character of the shepherd.

Hudson Taylor, He Restores My Soul

Corrie and Betsie ten Boom felt the comfort and presence of walking with Jesus through a literal valley of death.

Corrie ten Boom, Walking Through Death's Valleys

Little 4’10” Gladys Alyward had no business breaking up a prison riot and yet she did, and God miraculously protected her.

Gladys Alyward, Your Rod & Staff Comfort

In the middle of a war zone, Lillian Trasher trusted in God’s provision for the nearly 1,000 orphans in her care, and how God miraculously filled her cup to overflowing.

Lillian Trasher, My Cup Overflows

The brutal murder of five Christian missionaries in Ecuador, looked to the outside world, to be a senseless tragedy. But God used their suffering to redeem many lives, including the ones who thrust the fatal blows.

Nate Saint & Mincaye

Walk down the path of righteousness with these righteous saints, and see the truths of Psalm 23 in a new light. Additional Scripture references and discussion questions are also provided to expand your study even more.

Great to use for your individual study, or in a group setting as well!


The Power of Having the Lord In Your Life As A Christian

For wanting to illustrate to her readers the Lord’s promise regarding His faithfulness to protect them according to what is written in the verses of PSALM 23, is the reason I’ve given the author and her endeavor here, the 5 STARS she’s garnered from this rather voracious reviewer of Christian books.

Robin Leigh Morgan

Beautifully Written and Inspiring

I can't believe I never knew of these amazing missionaries. This book tells their stories in a way that both captures their righteousness and captures God's abounding faithfulness. The short stories are perfect because I need a daily reminder of how I should be serving God, and how he will provide the ways for me to do so.

Real-life examples of the truths found in Psalm 23

Cara merges the beautiful truths in Psalms 23 with stories of heroes of the Faith in a way that makes both comforting and encouraging stories for all ages. I have been studying scripture my entire life. I have always thought of the "rod" as something to keep the sheep(us) in line, but as Cara so carefully shares, the rod is our protection, and the staff is to draw us closer to our shepherd. This is a wonderful application of God's word.


Beautiful devotion that combines Psalm 23 with the lives of missionaries

This devotion walks through the verses of Psalm 23 and interweaves them with the lives of both well known and lesser known missionaries. It's an insightful look at how this popular Psalm was applied in the lives of these historical men and women of God, but also how we can apply it to our lives in the present. Not only does it look at the Psalm itself, but also gives glimpses into the lives of the missionaries. Beautiful both in design and content!


Encouraging possibility

Cara’s writing is strikingly convicting, guiding and encouraging in God’s truth. This small but nutrient dense book is a gift entwining biblically relevant scripture acted out and through His saints, pointing upward to His power, Love and promises making tangible navigation and contemplation for us in this seemingly dark world. She writes from a lifetime of walking in Gods cultivated wisdom, imbued with her integrity. She is a great mentor; a woman of grace, compassion and impeccable faith and encouragement in our own walk with our magnificent LORD Jesus!


A fresh devotional

The author has such a beautiful way of pulling you into the story of each of the missionaries she highlights. You get a front row seat to see how the Lord spoke to them through His word and their life experiences. There are additional scriptures and questions that you can reflect on at the end of each chapter. This is a great read to switch up your morning devotional time and could also be something to read with a friend or spouse to encourage conversation.


Great Encouragement

I highly recommend this book as a daily devotional. It is well written and engaging. The stories of these missionaries were inspiring and encouraging to my own walk with Christ. The questions posed at the end of each chapter were thought provoking.


Give Me All the Soul Encouragement!

Send me Cara’s best practical advice and biblical wisdom to help me keep on keepin’ on.