And Such Were Some of You Bonus Devotions

And Such Were Some of You Bonus Devotionals

Continue the series by downloading these 6 additional devotionals from “And Such Were Some of You.”

The Extravagant Worshipper

To some, Mary’s act of anointing Jesus’ feet with oil, was extravagant. But Jesus memorialized her sacrifice not as extravagant, but fitting. Consider your worship of the Lord and whether you’re conserving, or pouring it all out for the one who is truly worthy.

The "Random" Cyrenian

 Simon of Cyrene just happened upon the scene of Jesus carrying his cross to Golgotha. In this devotional, consider if any of our steps are random, or if God is at work accomplishing multiple things at once, wherever we may go.

The Distant Admirer

Joseph of Arimathea had been watching Jesus from afar. His position on the Sanhedrin made it difficult for him to voice his views about Jesus. But his loving act of taking Jesus off the cross and burying him in his tomb will forever be memorialized. Consider the courage it takes to make a stand for Jesus.

The Passionate Crier

When Mary Magdalene hear Jesus say her name, it changed everything. This touching story reminds us of the personal knowledge of Jesus over our lives, and how we can learn to listen to his voice too.

The Foolish Travelers

Cleopas and another unnamed disciple headed home to Emmaus after the crucifixion. Their hopes of a Messiah had died with Jesus on Friday. Consider how Jesus gives spiritual eyesight to those who are his, so they can receive his word.

The Devoted Doubter

Thomas gets a bad rap as “Doubting,” but what if he was actually more devoted than doubting? Consider how Thomas’ doubt lead to the greatest confession of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He exclaimed, “My Lord and my God!”