Comfort, Yes Comfort for Those Who Wait in Expectant Hope

The Gospel According to Simeon

A small cloud of dust kicked up beneath his well-worn sandals as he entered the temple courtyard. Simeon’s heart raced as he moved with an urgency he hadn’t felt in years. His eyes scanned the courtyard, and then he saw them. Making their way through the crowd, the young couple carried their newborn and a […]

How to Live a Life of Holy Leisure, Even When Your Life’s Not Leisurely

The Secret Path of Life

There’s a not-so-secret secret to the Christian life. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s part of the answer to all your problems, and the key to your spiritual growth. When this secret is applied, even amidst great personal difficulty, you’ll experience more joy, more peace, and more victory over sin. What is this secret […]

Behind the Seen, Providence At Work for Those He Loves

God is for us

Standing before the mirror, she transformed into a true beauty queen. Her maidens knew how to work magic and accentuate all her best features. They selected the King’s favorite dress, carefully applied her makeup, and tied a royal robe around her shoulders. Her long dark hair was pinned away from her face, and the finishing […]

The Battle Belongs to the Lord, He is Your Champion

Follow your Champion

The battle lines had been drawn, but the two armies were at a standstill. Israel and Judah gathered on the north side of the valley of Elah and their long-time enemy, the Philistines, were arrayed to the south. For forty days, the Philistines taunted the armies of the living God, who showed up to battle […]

But if Not, How to Face Our Fiery Trials with Faith

Martin Luther walked into the courtroom at the Diet of Worms to defend his writings and his life. On his way into the assembly, an Army General made his way through the crowd and told Luther he was about to make a more noble stand than he or any of his captains had ever made […]

How to Hear the Still Small Voice from the Thundering God

On Mount Carmel, the prophets of Baal begged and bled for their god to answer them. Leaning against a rock with his arms crossed, Elijah watched and waited. It was hard to tell if he was amused or furious with what he saw. Every so often he’d call out suggestions on how to get their […]

The Surprising Center of Noah’s Story is the Whole Point of Yours Too

In the center of the vast clearing, his magnum opus slowly took shape. Piles of logs surrounded the worksite, and hired men cut and hauled the massive timber into place. Noah made sure the blueprints he was given were precisely followed. It was a technological marvel, yet scoffers would stop and laugh at the old […]

The Monsoon of Grace Found in Isaiah 58:11

The early morning rays are the first to greet me as I open up the blinds, and let the once-dark living room gradually fill with light. The house is quiet except for the hissing and dripping of coffee into my mug and the faint cock-a-doodle-doo-ing from a few blocks away.  This early morning watch I […]

Third Time’s a Charm? How to Endure Trials with Hope

I could hear it in his voice when I answered his call. My stomach tightened, as I prepared for the punch to the gut I feared was coming next. Then he said it, and my stomach did hurt. He had been laid off from his job again. Remarkably, his third layoff in the last year […]