Contribute to Christmas Joy Series

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Christmas Joy!

Over two thousand years ago, an angel broke through the night sky and proclaimed to a group of unsuspecting shepherds, “I bring you good news of great joy.”

As December 25th inches closer each year, we’re bombarded by thousands of marketing messages of what great joy is supposed to look like. The modern version includes Pinterest-perfect rooms, magical childhood memories, and more feasting and drinking than our waistbands can endure. But this vision of wealth and excess is nothing compared to the beauty of the God-man born amid the stink and filth of the stable.

Christmas Joy is a blog series that intends to gently draw the contrasts between what the world says brings joy at Christmas and the great joy that comes from worshipping the newborn king. Your piece should have a strong biblical takeaway message that shows (not tells) the reader how worship of Jesus, and appreciation of his incarnation, brings us true Christmas joy.

Submission Guidelines

Below are the submission guidelines that will help craft your piece:


  1. You’re encouraged to offer your story as a means of invitation to invite the reader to see Christmas joy in a new light.
  2. 800-1000 word count preferred.
  3. Please include a proposed title, a short bio written in the third person, a headshot, and any links to your work or socials you would like me to share at the bottom of your article.
  4. Only submissions emailed as a Word document will be considered. Please put your on the same Word document as your Christmas Joy piece.
  5. Please use the ESV translation for all biblical references, do not capitalize pronouns that refer to God, and please use the Oxford comma.
  6. Submissions should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  7. Please expect edits to be made. You will be a part of this collaborative process and will have final approval before publication.
  8. Submissions are due no later than December 1. Please email your submission to [email protected]
  9. Lastly, please plan on sharing your published piece and link it to the original on this site.


All submissions will be carefully and prayerfully considered.


May Christ receive all the glory and the joy of our hearts this Christmas season!