And Such Were Some of You

As Jesus made his way to Calvary he met all kinds of people. Their reactions to him revealed what they believed, and the same is true today. Consider your own life in light of the Passionate Denier, the Pardoned Insurrectionist, the Convinced Centurion, and many more. Some people changed for the better and some for […]

He Shall Be Called

He Shall Be Called

Seven hundred years before Christ was born, Isaiah prophesied the Messiah would be called a Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. Only in the divine foreknowledge of God could all of these titles be perfectly fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus Christ. This Advent, be awed and amazed at […]

The Remnant

The Remnant

God always preserves a remnant of true believers in an unbelieving world. They are his faithful witnesses who stand against the world’s systems, fleshly appetites, and devilish schemes. Often they stand alone facing floods, fires, lions, and giants, to faithfully follow God. In this seven-day plan, reconsider some of your favorite biblical stories through the […]

Taste & See

Taste and See

Meals nourish us both body and soul. In this 7-day series, you’ll visit various tables in the Bible and discover what they say about our spiritual hunger and thirst. From that fateful bite in the garden to the final feast in Revelation, satisfaction is in a right relationship with our Creator. You’re invited to this […]

“I Am”

One of the most profound names of God is, “I Am.” This was the name God revealed to Moses at the burning bush. But who is this mysterious and all-powerful “I am?” Jesus revealed his divine nature and heart toward us through seven “I am” statements in the book of John. Just as his name […]

Every Longing Heart

In Charles Wesley’s famous Christmas hymn, “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus,” we sing that Jesus is the joy of every longing heart. This Advent, discover how the divine orchestration of human events and various responses to his coming, exposes the longing of our hearts. From kings and rulers to shepherds and expectant virgins, Jesus’ advent […]

The Wonderous Cross

Jesus met characters of all sorts on his way to the cross. Like a diamond refracting light no matter which way it turns, the cross becomes more wonderful from their different perspectives. In this 7-day study, worship at Jesus’ feet with Mary, cheer with the crowds in Jerusalem, ache at the cowardice of Pilate, and […]

Creativity That Aims for Eternity

Christopher Wren, the mastermind architect behind St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, said that “Architecture should aim for eternity.” Our creative efforts, whatever they may be, should reflect the glory of our Creator, and point the hearts and minds of others towards eternity. This is a high calling for creatives. In this short series, we’ll look […]

Empty Nets & Broken Lives

Empty Nets & Broken Lives

Encountering Jesus changes everything. Peter realized his sinfulness after Jesus miraculously filled his empty fishing nets. The paralyzed and blind realized they needed forgiveness more than physical healing and then they received both. Two sisters encountered Jesus and discovered worship trumps service. Meander through these stories and more in the gospel of Luke, and discover […]

Paths of the Righteous

Psalm 23 will be our guide as we walk in the paths of the righteous through this 6-day study. Discover spiritual rest with Amy Carmichael and Hudson Taylor, travel through the valley of death with Corrie ten Boom, and be amazed at the divine protection of Gladys Alyward. Experience God’s miraculous provision for Lillian Trasher, […]