The Key to Being Grateful Comes in the Least Expected Way

This week I’m sharing a guest post I wrote for my writer friend, Twyla, and her series on gratitude. If you’ve ever struggled to have a healthy relationship with your body and with exercise, I pray this will encourage you.

For a few weeks, I had been ignoring the warning signals my body was sending me. Thinking I was sore from my workouts, or tired from my busier-than-usual schedule, I kept pushing through the pain. Occasionally, the thought would cross my mind to slow down and take some time to rest, but I’d quickly brush those thoughts aside. Then one day after too many days of pretending I didn’t see (or feel) the signs, I made one awkward movement and my back called it quits. 

It had been five years since I had suffered my last bout of debilitating lower back pain, and here I was again, confined to my bed. Since this was an old injury, I knew it would be several weeks before I’d resume my normal life again. I was immediately concerned about the inconvenience this created for my family. But internally, I was also wrestling through another disruption that I was embarrassed bothered me almost as much – that of my exercise routine.

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Grateful for all of you,


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